Devote oneself to embroidering a flower Each of us is catching up with the waves of life and weaving all kinds of beautiful pictures for ourselves. However, if we want to embark on the road of success, we must rely on solid steps. People often say, "if you want to learn amazing skills, concentrate, be modest and persevere." "If you are not afraid of difficulties, you will be afraid of not being professional; if you are persistent, everything will be possible." For growing up people, it is very important to cultivate "unity" and "perseverance" from childhood, because it is related to a person's long-term development and career success in the future. Once upon a time, there was a king who wanted to find a prime minister for his country. Later, he found a man who could take on the important task. In order to test him, the king pretended to kill him. After being told by others, he asked this man to hold a plate full of oil. From the east city to the West City, he was not allowed to drop a drop, or he would kill. In fact, such a condition is not easy to achieve. He walked on the road holding the plate, and his parents and wife cried for him, but he did not see it. There was a beautiful woman passing by him, and he did not see it. Later, a crazy elephant suddenly came, scaring people all over the street, but it was still intended to be on the plate with one heart, not moved. Soon, the Imperial Palace caught fire again, and people rushed to put out the fire, making a mess. However, a nest of wasps on the beam of the palace was burned out and stung people everywhere. Although they stung them for several times, they were still unconscious, and they still went forward with their concentration holding the oil pan. At last, he arrived at his destination without a drop of oil. The king will enrich his position, because the king thinks: "a person can do so attentively, it is the chaos of the eight countries, can also settle down, let alone other!" The meaning of this story is to make people concentrate on one thing.